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December 21, 2021

Throughout history, many people came to this life and left with an unforgettable mark thanks to their ever-evolving successes, useful ideas and creations, perseverance, and will to keep on thriving and evolving in their professional careers. Let’s learn together about four historical civil engineers whose works are imprinted in history, and how you can become one of them.

1- Gustave Eiffel:

Widely known as “the Magician of Iron”, he is a pre-eminent architect and civil engineer, the creator behind the worldwide masterpiece: the Eiffel Tower. Throughout and even after the construction phase, Gustave got criticized by his ambitious and out-of-the-box conception and design. Also, some protests against the tower were made, claiming that this tower, as an artistic form, was openly neglecting the rules of physics. However, his design for what was back in the years the tallest tower in the world accounted for the real-world situations that it would need to hold out:

With Gustave’s high level of commitment, ingenious mind and bravery, today, the Eiffel Tower is listed among the Seven Worldwide Wonders, and remains a global attraction.

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2- Nora Stanton Barney

Nora followed her ambitions and graduated as a civil engineer from Cornell University in 1905. What marked her career journey is that she was Cornell University’s first female engineering graduate! She began her professional journey within the New York City Board of Water Supply and the American Bridge Company between 1905 and 1906.

Furthermore, inspired by her mother and grandmother, and following her commitment to constantly empower women, Nora became an activist in the growing women’s suffrage movement.

In addition, she secured her place as the first woman to participate in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), where she was only allowed to be a junior member and denied advancement to associate member back in 1916 because of her gender. In the same year, she sued the ASCE for refusing to admit her as a full member knowing that she met all the needed requirements, but didn’t succeed.

In 2015, Nora was advanced to ASCE Fellow status.

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3- Samer Khoury

A civil engineer and the president of CCC, an engineering and construction business managing projects worth more than $5bn in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt, Samer was ranked 6th on the 2018 Construction Week Power 100.

The famous CCC has worked on Qasr Al Watan in the UAE, and the contractor is also one of the firms delivering Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracts for Riyadh Metro. For the $23bn (SAR86.3bn) Saudi Arabian megaproject, CCC’s work covers Package 1 of Lines 1 and 2.

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4- William F. Baker

He is the Structural and civil engineering Partner for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM). Throughout his outstanding professional career, he has specialized in structural innovations, specifically in the design of tall buildings within the urban landscape. He is the engineer behind the structural system for Burj Dubai, a system that facilitates the construction of skyscrapers of excessive elevation. Also, he led the structural design of the 92-story Trump International Hotel and Tower, as well as AT&T’s Corporate Center in Chicago.

To add, William delivers lectures frequently regarding various structural engineering topics and subjects within the United States and abroad and is among the Specifications Committee of the American Institute of Steel Construction.

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