Top 7 Digital Tools Crucial for Civil Engineers’ Success
November 23, 2021

Day after day, every business is trying to look more modern, and stay familiar with and well integrated into the most recent digital trends and tools. For engineers, a plethora of useful digital tools is present. The latter makes you well grounded, for you to keep on tackling successfully every common task or project that falls under your hands, in a smarter yet quicker way, all while standing out amongst competitors.

Here are the top 7 helpful digital civil engineering tools that engineers can benefit from through EngiPro.

Tool no. 1: The Ideal SAP2000

SAP2000 software is one of the top civil engineering tools that empowers engineers. It equips them with the needed skills, for them to design, analyze, optimize, and model all types of structural system types, ranging from simple to complex, 2D to 3D shapes. By using it, civil engineers will excel in every assigned responsibility.

With EngiPro’s limitless offerings, you can enroll in the following courses and get equipped with the necessary designing tools through SAP2000:

  • Design of Steel Warehouse;
  • Design of Water Tanks;
  • Design of Staircases.

Tool no. 2: SAFE, Keeping Your Skills Safe

SAFE involves modeling different types of foundations, through analyzing and designing both shallow and deep foundation systems. Practicing on SAFE will grant civil engineers the necessary abilities for them to be able to design slabs, foundations, among other things. 

The following EngiPro’s adaptive E-learning courses, along with real life practices, will enhance your civil engineering skills:

Tool no. 3: ETABS, for a smooth 3D designing experience

We all know how difficult it is for civil engineers to minutely sketch any structure on a paper, while taking into account every single detail. The “Extended Three-dimensional Analysis of Building Systems”, commonly known as ETABS, is the software that makes the design of any element feasible.

You can enroll in the “Design of Vertical Elements” course on EngiPro, for you to learn how to design vertical elements with unmatched graphics, and be ready for any assigned future project.

Tool no. 4: ADAPT Builder, for you to showcase your project, perfectly  

ADAPT Builder enables you to seamlessly explore, analyze and design a range of reinforced concrete and post-tensioned slabs and beams, all while benefiting from the industry’s leading 3D finite element meshing.

By enrolling in the “Design of PT Slabs” course on EngiPro and getting exposed to practical work on ADAPT Builder, you will be equipped with the key mechanisms for you to start designing your own concrete slabs.

Tool no. 5: ASDIP Retain, retaining your walls’ designs

The structural engineering software, ASDIP Retain, allows you to design retaining walls in a simple way, and makes calculations unnecessary, thus, giving you more time to focus on what’s more important.  

With the “Design of Retaining Walls” course accessible on EngiPro, paired with the practical work done through ASDIP Retain tool, you will be able to swiftly model and optimize your retaining walls, for you to impress your clients and co-workers and turn your professional journey into a striking success.  

Tool no. 6: RCM ACI Builder, for concretely concrete designs

RCM ACI Builder is an excellent tool tailored for structural engineering. Using it, civil engineers can design concrete members all while accessing figures, formulas and flexible solutions for design issues that accelerate any assigned task.   

With the “Design of Special Reinforced Concrete Structures” course offered on EngiPro, and practicing on RCM ACI Builder, you will be in full control of your concrete designs.

Tool no. 7: IDEA StatiCa, for your useful details and analysis

IDEA StatiCa is the engineering software targeting cross sections, joints code-checking, beams, structural design and many more details. It lets you craft steel connection designs in no time.

By joining the “Design of Steel” course on EngiPro, real-life scenarios will come in handy through IDEA StatiCa, for you to perfectly practice the process of steel designing and complex connections, and become a real Pro.


Mastering these tools makes you stand out from the competition, allowing you to easily secure your dream job at a top firm, thus guaranteeing a future full of opportunities and successes. EngiPro will be your mentor, as it will provide you with the necessary toolkit through its unmissable civil engineering courses, consultancy, assignment handling, and many other services that no other civil engineering E-learning app and WebApp in the world provide.

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