“Staircase Design” the 1-hour course that enables you to start designing staircases!
March 28, 2022

In the world of Civil Engineering, staircase design involves many components, and effective staircase ideas are impossible to come up with without correct standards and existing components. Let’s discover together the essential elements that should be available to create a staircase, as well as the different types that a staircase has.

  • The riser: a vertical member/surface of a staircase that maintains vertical spacing between each step.
  • The tread: a horizontal piece that supports a foot when it is placed on it.
  • The center beam: is placed at the center of the staircase.
  • The landing: a flat area near a step-down or step-up of a ladder.
  • The steps: the riser and tread, combined.
  • The staircase nosing: an extension where the riser and tread meet, aiming at enhancing the staircase’s visibility and durability.
  • The glass staircase railing: is added to leave a pleasant aesthetic impact.
  • The staircase flight : the set of stairs between floors or those between landings

Furthermore, it is important to mention that staircases have many types that make every staircase conceived differently. Let’s elaborate some below:

  • Spiral staircase: a compact design based on a single pole, so that when viewed from above, it forms a perfect circle.
  • 2-flight staircase: a landing separates the two flights that are parallel, similarly to the L-shaped staircase.
  • 3-flight staircase: it includes three flights that come one after the other.

In the Civil Engineering field, stairs are defined as a sequence of steps that are correctly arranged to connect different floors of a building. Depending on the requirements, many types of stairs are utilized in the construction process, as they are among the most fundamental and crucial components of any civil engineering habitant structure.

Through EngiPro, the outstanding Civil Engineering platform loaded with strategic courses, key information, and other major features, you will be able to enroll in the “Staircase Design” course and apply your learnings using the advanced SAP2000 software to create the most popular types of staircases seamlessly, for an unmatched learning experience full of key benefits. This course is easy to assimilate, as it is created for beginners that are looking to start advancing in their Civil Engineering knowledge and skills. In other terms, the syllabus of this course is easily understandable, and will offer the following content:

  •  A strong theoretical background on each structural component;
  • Manual and numerical calculations;
  • Structural modeling techniques;
  • Preparing a Finite element model;
  • Analyzing and designing using SAP2000.

What are you waiting for? Enroll now in the “Staircase Design”, the 1-hour course that will enable you to design staircases through SAP2000, one of the top Engineering software, whenever you need to!

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