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February 17, 2022

Every day, thousands of new software options and e-learning courses appear, some of which might be useful and promising, and others might be useless, thus making professionals and students confused, due to their lack of knowledge of the software or course that best suits their career paths. The civil engineering world encounters the same dilemma, as civil engineers always look to thrive in their knowledge and skills, but might be unable to choose the best course or software that caters to their e-learning needs. Being the case, let’s learn together about SAFE Software, as well as about the SAFE (Slabs) and SAFE (Foundations) courses that you can be enrolling in through EngiPro, your soon-to-be favorite e-learning platform!

SAFE, the ultimate software for modeling foundations, base mats, and footings

SAFE is a powerful yet user-friendly program for structural designers. SAFE serves as the single tool required for analyzing, modeling, designing, and detailing concrete slab systems and foundations. It is indeed the most advanced software for designing foundations and concrete floors. SAFE unifies all the steps required for the engineering design process in one simple and straightforward environment, from framing layout to detail drawing creation and production. With its genuine and unique combination of broad capabilities, power and user-friendliness, SAFE provides unrivaled benefits for every engineer.

Thanks to SAFE, you will be able to:

  • Access the SAFE Analysis Engine to analyze optimization, and perform Ritz, eigen analyses as well as parallelization to benefit from multiple processors;
  •  Automatically define strips;
  • Define Post-Tensioning (P/T) in SLABS, through an interactive tendon editor that automates tendon layouts based on strip position and direction;
  • Benefit from a wide array of code-based design features for PT beam, slab design, reinforced concrete and composite steel beam, among others;
  • Access deformed geometry as filled or line contour plots;
  • Check the numerous interactions between various CSI software and third-party products.

SAFE (Slabs) and SAFE (Foundations) courses on EngiPro await you!

EngiPro, the e-learning platform, with its range of credible, accurate, and unique content, always aims at assisting civil engineers by equipping them with key mechanisms and information, for them to advance in their career paths.

In addition to the consultancy, tutoring, assignment, and project help services it provides, this e-learning platform is also distinguished by its diverse pool of unparalleled courses that cater to the learning needs of civil engineers.

SAFE (Slabs) is one of the main key structural engineering courses available for civil engineers to enroll in through EngiPro. By enrolling in SAFE (Slabs) course, not only you will get the chance to widen the spectrum of your knowledge in terms of designing Solid, Flat, Composite, and Hollow Block Slabs, but you will also benefit from important outcomes other than the ones they acquired throughout your university journey, to include the following:

  • Being capable of analyzing finite element;
  • Learning the theories behind each structural system, as well as its aspects;
  • Being capable of converting architectural plans into structural plans;
  • Being able to convert structural plans into analytical plans;
  • Acquiring the necessary structural modeling techniques for you to prepare 3D finite element model;
  • Knowing how to check for total deflection using nonlinear long-term tracking analysis;
  • Acquiring the necessary tools enabling you to check for equilibrium and compatibility;
  • Designing slab systems and beams;
  • Easily preparing final calculation reports.

A geotechnical Engineering course worth mentioning as well is SAFE (Foundations). By enrolling in the SAFE (Foundations) course on EngiPro, you will acquire the necessary tools and know-how, for you to perfectly analyze and design shallow foundation systems (isolated, combined, stripped, strapped, raft), piled raft foundations, in addition to the following profits:

  • Obtaining the necessary foundation systems selection criteria;
  • Being familiar with the soil properties needed for finite element analysis;
  • Learning the theories behind each structural system, as well as its aspects;
  • Learning the necessary structural modeling techniques for you to prepare 3D finite element model;
  • Acquiring the import/export reaction forces from ETABS to SAFE;
  • Being able to check for soil pressure using nonlinear allow-uplift analysis;
  • Being capable of checking for punching shear criteria;
  • Designing structural elements, foundations, and tie-beam;
  • Easily preparing final calculation reports.

Learning while applying real-life scenarios and strengthening your civil engineering skills and know-how has never been that easy and accessible. Enroll in one of EngiPro’s civil engineering courses right away, and take a serious leap towards succeeding in your career endeavors!

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