The All-in-One Civil Engineering App

EngiPro provides the complete toolkit for Civil Engineers to get unique content, consultancy, and assignment handling that no other Civil Engineering app provides.
You can access all EngiPro services through our Web & Mobile Applications
You can access all EngiPro services through our Web & Mobile Applications

Access hundreds of Civil Engineering courses that no other learning app in the world offers

Our courses are hands-on, dynamic, and created specifically to allow you to handle real-life Civil Engineering use cases. We’ve searched the entire web before we came up with our own library and there’s nothing similar to what we’re offering in terms of quality and value.

Online Civil Engineering Courses - Engipro

An all-in-one solution for all of your Civil Engineering problems

With Engipro’s civil engineering app, you get all the tools you need with zero restrictions.

Adaptive Videos

We adopted the highly recommended approach which is bite-sized learning to enable our team of content creators to produce videos that are very targeted and hands on.

Content Reinforcers

Receive specific content reinforcers as you progress through courses and get notified about what matters at that point of your learning journey.

One on One Tutoring

Gain access to our world class pool of instructors, segregated by specialty and language, and book your exclusive time with them to solve any issue you are facing.

Assignments Solving

Do you have a complicated assignment or project you need help with? We have the experts and expertise to jump on it, break it down and solve it for you. Receive immediate help and get the results you want, fast and easy.

Hundreds of Freebies

Get access to hundreds of videos, solved assignments, project skeletons and more freebies that will allow you to keep ahead of the latest happenings in the Civil Engineering industry.

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Complete specific learning paths without making a single effort.

Complete course structure freedom to make your onboarding tracks on-brand without any extensive effort.

Advanced Tracks

Preset Tracks in EngiPro are the most advanced in any civil engineering app. With over 10+ tracks to choose from, you can make yours smoothly in seconds.

A Tailored Experience

Customize your learning track based on your level and preferences with Engipro.

Get a headstart

EngiPro is built to be completely flexible. A completely customizable experience so you can track your learnings your way.

Online Civil Engineering Assignment Help
Design of Retaining Walls - Civil Engineering online classess
Online Civil Engineering Platform - Advanced Courses
Learn online - Civil engineering Classes

Need a list? We got a list.

All features are included for everyone regardless of the plan you’re on. Why? Cause Civil Engineers have the right to access an evolved learning journey that delivers on expectations.

Learning Paths

Adopt a learning path for your courses based on the knowledge level you have.

Smart Video Player

Hands-on control over your video player with smart resumer and slow-mo function.

Categories and Courses

Easily manage courses by topics, categories and sub-topics on the platform.

Assignments Hub

Upload your assignment questions, receive feedback and downloadable content.

Community and Forum

Contribute in public discussions, post questions into your course forum or chat with your peers.


Access your courses in English, Arabic and more…as we expand our content into the world.

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Adopt Comfortably

Get to know EngiPro without any restrictions and only start using it to its fullest when you love it. We’ll be waiting for you.