SAFE (Slabs)

Learn how to design and analyse different slab systems and SAFE structures.

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SAFE (slabs)


CSI SAFE (Slab Analysis by the Finite Element Method) is the best tool for designing concrete slabs and foundations by the Computer and Structures, Inc. SAFE helps engineers design structures with powerful tools like draw, analyze, design and detail. In this course you will learn about the different types of slabs and how to analyze and design for each of them. Starting from AutoCad, where you will prepare your plan, to SAFE where you will check for serviceability conditions and the amount of reinforcement required.

What You Get with SAFE (slabs) courses

Theoretical background about the different types of slabs
Convert an architectural plan into a structural plan
Structural modeling techniques to prepare 3D finite element models
Check for total deflection using non-linear long-term cracked analysis
Check for equilibrium and compatibility
Design for slabs and beams


Section 1: Solid Slab
Section 2: Flat Slab
Section 3: Hollowblock Slab
Section 4: Composite Slab

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