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EngiPro’s Learning platform provides Civil Engineers with the most complete learning experience in the Civil Engineering world. Advanced civil engineering courses, Assignments and Projects assistance, One on One Tutoring, and Consultations.

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SAFE (Foundations)

ADAPT Builder


SAP 2000

Popular Topics in the Civil Engineering Field

Not sure what topics in Civil engineering to focus on? Our courses cover all the main topics that you would need to operate successfully in your career. It also allows you to get hands-on learnings that take your skills to another level.


Structural Engineering

3 Courses



1 Courses


Geotechnical Engineering

1 Courses

Learning Paths

Our experts top recommendations to get you started and to guarantee your goals achievement.
Discover which civil engineering courses are under each path and choose the plan that best suits you.

Steel Track
#1 course:
SAP (2000)

#2 course:
Steel Connections

Structural Engineering
#1 course:
SAFE( Slabs)

#2 course:

#3 course:
Safe (Foundations)

#4 course:
Adapt Builder

Geotechnical Essetials
#1 course:

#2 course:
Design of retaining walls

#3 course:
Coming soon

Particular Knowledge
#1 course:
Special Reinforced Concrete Structures

#2 course:
Staircase Design

#3 course:
Water Tanks

Professional Civil Engineering Projects and Assignment Help

Need help with your project or assignment? You need the right team of civil engineering experts to help you get the best outcome needed for a given task or project.

Professional Civil Engineering Projects and Assignment help
Professional Civil Engineering Projects and Assignment help

Our Expert Civil Engineers are waiting for your requests


Get professional consultation from Civil Engineering experts

Our consultants provide expert advice on the design, planning, and management of civil construction projects, covering all types of residential and commercial construction. They will be the driving force behind the construction of any type of project and will ensure high-quality results.



Strengthen your Civil Engineering skills with our experts’ assistance

Enjoy a tailored one-on-one tutoring session by one of EngiPro’s experts. Our team is committed to helping you optimize your theoretical and practical knowledge to help you kick start your career in style.




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At EngiPro, we see first-hand every day how technology makes the impossible, possible in Civil Engineering. It’s why EngiPro exists: To advance our mission of democratizing Civil Engineering skills, challenging assumptions about solutions, and creating significant, lasting social impact.

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